When is Black Friday 2016 in the UK?


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Friday 25 November 2016

Officially, the madness that is known as Black Friday is less than two months away. Nothing like getting you into the Christmas mood right?!

Confirmed by a number of retails already as being FRIDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2016, this years Black Friday promises to offer a far more exciting shopping experience than last years disappointment.

A better expierence?

Already a large number of retailers are designing their websites, gearing up for the Black Friday deals. Take a look at Currys and Argos for example.

The fact that these stores see it as such an important event, means that already they are preparing their website for the thousands of extra visitors they expect in a single day. This alone gives us an indication that it’s going to be good.

Its not just about gadgets

2015 saw a number of airlines jump on board the Black Friday phenomana with flash flight sales starting from as little as £2 for a one-way ticket to several European destinations so expect some cracking last minute getaway deals. Ideal for those who want to avoid Christmas altogether!

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