Sainsburys Big Brand Laptop Sale

Sainsburys have kick started their Big Brand Laptop Sale with huge savings on Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Hewlett Packard and Medion laptops. As an added bonus all customers can enjoy free standard delivery on all orders over £50.

Ensure you read all T&C's on the Sainsburys website and make note of any associated expiry date: Unknown

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Sainsburys Big Brand Laptop Sale Official Sainsburys website:

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2019 Sainsburys Sale Events

Every year people search for details of when the next Sainsburys sale. We list all Sainsburys sale events, the most popular being Sainsburys Christmas Sales, Sainsburys Boxing Day Sales, Sainsburys Spring Sale, Sainsburys Summer Sales and Sainsburys 2019 sale. Sometimes Sainsburys will announce a flash sale. This often happens in response to news of a sale event announced by a competitor of Sainsburys.

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What are your thoughts on Sainsburys Big Brand Laptop Sale?


  1. Mike

    What sale?????
    No details are given online
    Looking to buy a laptop, came to your `Big Laptop Sale’. What a let down as only able to access googleads.

    1. Rachel Osborne

      All of our sales show the date it was added to our website, and where possible, and specific ending date. As you will see from this page, it was listed on 18 October 2014 and therefore is most likely to have ended. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next sale though 🙂

    2. ernie beaumont

      WHY WHY do you keep trying to sell me TOASTERS ???????????????
      PC WORLD here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD bye SAINSBURY

  2. richard

    I heard this sale advertised on the radio today. ..I can’t access anything on this site except for. ..surprise surprise. …Google ads…. as above.

  3. J Gordon

    Just says laptops for sale page is not supported yet. The local Sainsbury’s has 4 laptops for sale so I wanted to see if other bigger stores had more but it seems impossible to find them. It really is a hopeless website.

  4. me

    Agree with all of the above. I came to find sainsburys laptops and was directed to pizzas??
    Letting yourself down Sainsburys. Consumers want quick simple access to your products.

  5. Chris

    Why do you seem so adversed to providing a portfolio of laptops you might have for sale on your websites? My wife has started a degree at a local University and she needs a laptop. I have about £200.00 worth of Nectar points and I thought it would be a good idea to redeem them and make up the balance with cash. I have just spent about 15 minutes trying to locate laptops on your various website without success. I thought it was me doing something wrong and being generally inept until I happened on this forum. It would be nice to get a sale item but that is not the be all and end all-I just want to see what you have so I can purchase in store if necessary! I am having a job to fathom out what your strategy is here but whatever it is it is counterproductive to yourselves. Would it do any good writing this? Are you monitoring this and most of all are you really concerned?

  6. Chris

    So why does the web link stipulate http/ and who is everybody else in this forum prior to my entry referring to? (I shan’t bother you /return to this site again after this).

  7. Chris

    I get you. I was working on the premise that Sainsbury’s would have an interest in this site (and would be monitoring it) because of all the negativity so `yes’ I am but indirectly (I will check out that website you have proffered). My local Sainsbury’s did have laptops for sale but you might be right, I’ll look again tonight.

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